Health Science Career Pathways

Health Science catalog cover


Every Health Science Career Pathway Unit (CPU) comes complete with all of the necessary equipment and materials. Each CPU also comes with enough consumable materials for at least 24 students. Virtually all of these materials fit in or on the supplied cart.

Each Health Science CPU is 15 activities long, which represents 15-20 hours worth of work. Students spend the first 12 activities following step-by-step instructions and covering a great deal of career-based information. If possible, the students spend Activities 13 and 14 in job shadowing activities. If this option is not possible, alternative activities are provided.


Screen capture of Media Cruiser displaying the Veterinary Science CPU.The layout and format is consistent from CPU to CPU. For example, every activity begins with an inventory of the CPU materials ensuring both student and instructor that all materials are in the CPU area and in working condition. At the end of each activity, students are to complete a "critical thinking" step where they respond to a scenario or question. This consistency keeps students from having to learn different formats as they rotate from CPU to CPU, which means they're spending less time navigating the system and more time learning the material.

Each Health Science CPU also makes use of Media Cruiser, Applied Technologies' computer-based delivery system. The students use Media Cruiser to launch software, watch videos, take tests, and more.

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Example of an assessment in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine CPU.Each CPU starts with a computer-based Pre-test and ends with a Post-test. These tests help assess how much material the student learned by the end of the CPU.

As the students work through the activities, they will define 20 vocabulary words and complete numerous computer-based quizzes. These quizzes offer a variety of question styles, including multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, hot spot, and true and false. Each question must be answered correctly before the student can continue through the quiz. A help screen is displayed when a student answers a question incorrectly.

Many of the CPUs also make use of "Checkpoints," which are computer-based "tests" the instructor takes to verify that students are properly completing hands-on activities.

Instructor Aids

Part of the vocabulary answer key from the Forensic Science CPU.Each CPU comes with an Instructor's Overview (IO). The IO contains answer keys and source locators to the Pre- and Post-test, quizzes, and vocabulary words; a Notes to the Instructor section that outlines important information the instructor needs to know and implement in order for the CPU to run smoothly; and each activity's objectives. The IO also contains any work sheets that may need to be passed out.

Customization is one of the key features of Applied Technologies' products. For example, suppose you found a new piece of software you wanted to add to the Forensic Science CPU. Simply open Media Editor (Media Cruiser's "behind the scenes" counterpart) and tell it where to find the new program's executable file.

Each CPU CD also contains the Instructor's Overview in Adobe Reader's .pdf format. Using Adobe Reader (located on the Media Cruiser Program CD), an instructor can open any IO and reprint pages that might have been lost or damaged.