Medical Office Technology CPU


Students use a Medical Records simulation to practice the different ways records are filed.In the Applied Technologies Medical Office Technology CPU, students explore medical office career opportunities and develop essential skills while focusing on the medical office environment.

Students learn how to deal with patients and information in an efficient and effective manner. Activities involve handling telephone calls, health insurance claims, and financial records. Students also practice scheduling appointments, preparing medical records, and much more.

Featured Careers

  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Medical record technician
  • Medical health services manager
  • Medical assistant
  • Medical secretary
  • Bookkeeper

Skill Development

Health Science Skills

Students explore various administrative careers in the Medical Office Technology CPU.
  • Telephone procedures and etiquette
  • Computerized appointment scheduling
  • Creating written communication documents
  • Preparing medical records
  • Various aspects of healthcare billing
  • Essentials for completing common claims forms
  • Exploration of procedural and diagnostic codes necessary for claim submittal
  • Pegboard accounting procedures
  • Proper maintenance of patient records and handling
  • Filling out checks and deposit slips

Academic Skills

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Communication
  • Etiquette
  • Computer applications

What's Included

  • Applied Technologies Medical Office Technology courseware CD
  • HOSA recommended Medical office textbook
  • Medical office interactive software
  • Phone message worksheet pad
  • Check writing and deposit slip worksheet pad
  • Printer
  • Folders
  • Headsets with microphone
  • Miscellaneous materials and consumables
  • Instructor's Overview
  • Media Cruiser

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Medical Office Technology - HS1071
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