Veterinary Science CPU


The senior-level Applied Technologies Veterinary Science CPU explores careers available in the veterinary field.  Students discover a wide range of skills and procedures from basic animal care and first aid to surgical procedures, suturing, and CPR.

In the Veterinary Science CPU, students perform canine CPR on a medium sized dog.By utilizing realistic trainers and manikins, students will practice and explore many of the common skills used in the veterinary environment.

These models provide hands-on experience in veterinary skills such as restraining for venipuncture, venipuncture, and muzzling.

Featured Careers

  • Veterinarian
  • Animal health technician

Skill Development

Health Science Skills

  • Exploration of the anatomy and physiology of common animal species
  • Veterinary asepsis
  • Virtual dissection of a cat and pig for exploration and comparison of mammalian anatomy
  • Canine CPR
  • Gauze muzzling techniques for both catsand dogs
  • Canine cephalic venipuncture and feline jugular venipuncture restraint methods
  • Proper venipuncture technique
  • Suturing and wound closure
  • Preventative medicine & basic care
  • Surgical instruments

Academic Skills

Students examine various careers related to the veterinary science field.
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Safety practices

What's Included

  • Applied Technologies Veterinary Science courseware CD
  • Clinical veterinary technician textbook
  • Animal restraint textbook
  • Animal dissection simulation software
  • Animal first aid software
  • Suture training software
  • CPR manikin
  • Artificial dog and cat to teach restraint and muzzling techniques
  • Venipuncture trainer
  • Suture material, needles, and trainer
  • Miscellaneous materials and consumables
  • Instructor's Overview
  • Media Cruiser

Ordering Information

Veterinary Science - HS1041
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