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Carousel Plus

Attention: This product will not be receiving any future updates. 

As an alternative solution, we are offering DEPCO Studio, an all-encompassing, online education tool that delivers enriched media content and tests while also offering all of your lab management needs.

Keeping track of which students are in what Career Pathway Units (CPUs) can be an exasperating experience. It can be, that is, without Carousel Plus.

Rotational programs work because they provide students with a variety of experiences that will help prepare them for the ever-changing job market. But the more students who take classes with a rotational schedule, the more difficult it is for the instructor to design a valid schedule and track progress.

Carousel Plus version 8 has a new, beautiful, and intuitive tab-based interface that gives you quick access to every facet of the program.

Other features of Carousel Plus 8 include: