Health Science Education

DEPCO Studio Media Player

Attention: Media Cruiser will not be receiving any future updates.

As an alternative solution, we are offering DEPCO Studio, an all-encompassing, online education tool that delivers enriched media content and tests while also offering all of your lab management needs.

DEPCO Studio is the centerpiece of every one of our Health Science Career Pathway Units (CPUs). It is an online application that delivers tests, plays videos and interactive media, displays pictures, and combines all of the necessary resources into one easy-to-navigate interface.

The beauty of DEPCO Studio, however, is the ability to customize DEPCO curricula and create new curricula within the application. This application allows any teacher to customize all of our computer-based curriculum as well as create your own multimedia lessons.

DEPCO Studio also allows you to control who accesses content and how they navigate it. Using linear tracking, teachers have the ability to allow students to skip media scenes or force the students to complete each scene. Many other instructor features are included in DEPCO Studio. Contact a DEPCO representative today to find out more information.

New Purchase Options: 

• District Licence
• School License
• Lab License

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