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Test Author's Toolbox (TAT)

Attention: This product will not be receiving any future updates.

As an alternative solution, we are offering DEPCO Studio, an all-encompassing, online education tool that delivers enriched media content and tests while also offering all of your lab management needs.

All of our computer-based assessments are created with Test Author's Toolbox, or TAT. This easy-to-use software is available to you to edit any of our tests, or to create your own. With TAT, you can:

Build Tests

With TAT, creating tests couldn't be easier. First, select the desired question type from the following choices:

Next, enter questions, graphics, sounds, and links to outside programs (like the calculator for math-based questions). Help screens and general information screens may also be added to guide students through the test material.

Once you've created all of your questions, you can customize the entire test by:

Administer Tests

Once your tests have been developed, you can determine who takes a test and the number of times a test can be taken. You can also prevent unauthorized access to a test. Student names are entered into a list and each student is assigned a password.

Deliver Tests

Use TAT to deliver tests to a whole classroom over a network or to individual students at their computers. Students navigate through the test one question at a time. Based on the options chosen by the instructor, students can view correct answers after answering the question, receive help before or after the question, and receive information for further study based on the results of the test.

Track Results

Tests are scored as students take them based on each question's scoring weight. Test results are automatically entered into Tracker. Results can be sorted by last name, first name, highest scores to lowest scores, and objectives. Once results are in Tracker, they can be viewed, exported, or printed.

Instructors can even view how students answered each question and how long it took them answer.

Ordering Information

Teacher's Classroom License

AT No. 358852
Allows one teacher to develop tests and deliver within one classroom.

School Network License - Single Teacher

AT No. 358853
Allows one teacher to develop tests and deliver them within any classroom within the school.

School Network License

AT No. 358856
Allows multiple teachers to develop tests and deliver them to any classroom in the school.